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All Gotcha GPS Tracking products are produced using high quality parts, manufactured by Siemens and ublox. CAN-bus integration allows uploading of vital information about your vehicles to a completely web based user interface.

The web interface is such an excellent way to track your vehicles, we'll give you 12 months of free access when you purchase one of our products. After those 12 months are finished you will be contacted to renew your subscription at a cost of $10.00 Australian per month*.

All data uploads done by the GPS unit are sent over the mobile phone network. Both the GSM and Next-G networks are supported.

Where's my Car?

Is something no-one wants to be asking. But, by installing a Gotcha GPS specifically designed for use in motor vehicles, you won't have to worry again. By requesting the position of your car whenever you need it, either by SMS or through the online tracking interface, you'll always know where your car is.

Where's my Bike?

Having your pride and joy stolen is a terrible feeling. No one knows how to appreciate your bike more than you right? If you install a Gotcha GPS bike tracker, you'll be able to trace where you bike is all the time! You'll never have to worry about where the bike is, if you'll get it back when it's stolen. The tracker will lead you straight to the bike.

Trailer Solution
Semi-Trailer Solution

Do you have a trucking company? Long haulage runs? Product going missing in transit? Dents appearing on your trailers without explanation? Need to know if your goods are being transported at optimal temperatures?

Look no further, because we have a solution for you.

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